Explore My Voice – a special My Heart Sings workshop on Saturday 22nd November, 1.30 – 4.30pm

An afternoon of singing and discussion to encourage curiosity and understanding about our voices.

We talk, whisper, shout.. We say how we feel, challenge, soothe, demand, persuade.. We sing, we cry, we scream….

Our voices are the instruments for all sorts of magic to happen.

Yet we live in a culture where our voices may have been judged and subdued, especially if we’re women.

‘You shouldn’t speak up you’ll get into trouble’

‘Girls should be seen, not heard’

‘My teacher told me my singing is terrible’

‘I should hold back from speaking the truth if I want to be promoted’

Voice quote

Exploring our voice can be healing and strengthening.

In this workshop we will take some time out to do just that.

What will we do?

This workshop will help us explore the following questions in a gentle and playful way.

  • What is my voice – especially, what is my natural voice?
  • How do I feel about my voice?
  • What does my voice help me to do?
  • What is great about my voice?
  • What can I do to look after my voice and strengthen it?

We’ll do a blend of relaxation and vocal exercises, singing songs and some group discussion. There’ll be a break for tea and snacks. Max group size is 16.

Who is this workshop for?

A workshop for women – especially for women working on health, well-being, education, community or justice issues. Open to all women over 18.

It doesn’t matter if you have not done any group singing before – complete beginners and those who say ‘but I can’t sing!’ are always very welcome to My Heart Sings workshops.


St Lukes Community Centre, Central St, London, EC1 8AJ (nearest tube is Old St, venue accessible for wheelchair users). Please arrive by 1.15 for a 1.30 start.

Suggested contributions:

£5 – £30.

Suggested standard contribution is £20. If this is too much to manage, please contribute what you can afford (if £5 is not currently possible, please contact me about a free place). If you contribute more than £20, you are making a solidarity contribution to support someone else to attend.

Your contribution will help to pay for venue, refreshment and materials costs. Any extra will go to Shilpa – My Heart Sings does not currently receive funding and your contribution helps me keep doing this work. A £5 deposit will be requested to secure your place.

Booking process:

Please email info@myheartsings.co.uk with a contact number and a few sentences about your reasons for attending this workshop. I’ll send you a registration form and details for how to make a £5 deposit, which will secure your place.

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