Every My Heart Sings singing circle starts with a few moments to notice the connection between our feet and the Earth beneath us.

This Tuesday’s women’s circle started with some slow walking, listening to these words:

‘When we feel that we’re fragile, not stable or solid, we can come back to ourselves and take refuge in the Earth. With each step we can feel her solidity beneath our feet. When we’re truly in touch with the Earth, we can feel her supportive embrace and her stability.

We can use all our body and our mind to go back to the Earth and surrender ourselves to her. With each breathe we release all our agitiation, our fragility and our suffering. Just being aware of her benevolent presence can already bring relief.’

– Thich Nhat Hanh, Love Letter to the Earth

Try it now. On the bus, at your desk, on a sofa, with shoes or without.

Spread your toes. Feel the ground beneath you. Notice which parts of you touch the floor or the seat. Feel how you are supported. Take a breath.